Life Coach

Your life Coach to rescue.


  1. Pre-Study Learning – 2 hours
  2. 4 days LIVE Training – 20 hours
  3. Books study and video watching and audio listening for conducting  Coaching Sessions – 20 hours
  4. Post-Training Coaching sessions – 2 hours
  5. Assessment Submission & Accreditation criteria – 20 hours
    TOTAL Hours = 64 Hours


What is life coaching ?

Coaching is all about you and your goals. People who look for coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have in common a desire to achieve more in their personal or professional lives. Whether you’re a college student looking to improve your grades, or an aspiring artist trying to make your mark in the art world, you’ll benefit from having a coach by your side to help you see turn your vision into reality.

Topic to be covered

Module 1: Meeting Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards
Module 2: Establish the Coaching Agreement
Module 3: Establishing trust & intimacy with the client
Module 4: Developing a Coaching presence
Module 5: Active Listening
Module 6: Powerful Questioning
Module 7: Direct Communication & Feedback
Module 8: Creating Awareness
Module 9 : Designing actions
Module 10: Planning & Goal Setting
Module 11: Managing Progress & Accountability

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