Personal Life Coach

Your personal life Coach to rescue.

Duration 25 hours

Target audience
Want to unlock the power of success.
Looking for the formula of success
Are successful but want to increase the pace
Want to understand the meaning of life and their life purpose
Want to be happy and want to make other People happy

Why need Your Personal Life Coach

The problem what people have the problem of imagination I cannot do that, it is not possible, I cannot lift that much, what can I do that is Impossible etc. Make the commitment and decide you are going in this direction. Extraordinary people are the ordinary people who makes extraordinary decisions in their life .The purpose of Coach is to show you the steps so that you can reach your target and life you deserve as soon as possible.

  • Have you ever wonder how many people take MBA or Engineering degree or have business or a job but they don’t become successful as others. They stay on the same level and not able to excel or if they excel, the pace is not the one what they desire?
  • Have you ever thought the people who succeed, they are born to right star or they are just lucky?
  • Have you ever thought what makes them lucky?
  • Are you looking for some one who has achieved the level of success, what they thought and they can share with you in the form of systematic approach, they can show you the success pattern, they can show you the steps.
  • Have you ever thought why some thing always stops you?
  • Do you feel why some thing bad always happened to you?
  • Do you feel low energy all the time?
  • Do you think I do not have control on my resources and events around me?
  • Do you see success far from you and you cannot get what you want?
  • Do you see your success but does not know how to get that?

Minimum Requirement
Desire to make your self more healthy wealthy wise and create the life you always wish minimum level 5 out of 10
Behavior flexibility minimum 5 out of 10
100 percent commitment to follow through

Topic to be covered
Key to Unlock your personal Power for Success
Exploring what directs your life.
The First Step
The Science of success
How you can get what you want
What is Focus and how to control it
Root cause of success or failure
Setting your goal
Condition yourself for success
Always be successful
Absorbing wealth
Overcoming fear of failure
Creating unstoppable self-confidence
Controlling your energy
Benefits of successful relationships
Solving problems quickly and effectively
Unlimited financial success
Human needs
Meeting with master

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