Testimonials - Our students are happy & we are quite satisfied!

Its nice training school very affordable and excellent quality of teaching.

Riomar Guinto

Course Studied: MCSE/CCNA

My experience of the class with my teacher is very nice. She always encourage me to learn more with friendly atmosphere.


Course Studied: English

Great and interesting topics, very useful and very helpful information I am receiving it. I am planning to pursue my career in NLP and counseling.

Amna Alshamsi

Course Studied: NLP Course

Very Good and Fun. Absolutely Motivating, discovered a new perspective of life around, new exploration within myself and to the people around. That’s what I was looking for I got it all in one package and wonderful experience.

Maryam Khalid

Course Studied: NLP Course

Dr. Afsheen is an amazing teacher, she explains & sums up the topic very skillfully. I exactly got what I was looking for. It’s all new world. new experience and new beginning for me. Absolutely short words to appreciate.

Mohammed Faizuddin

Course Studied: NLP Course

Excellent, she’s really good. The advices that exactly what needs to be done, guides you in the right direction. It’s an eye and mind opener, the sessions are very interactive.

Yaquta Ather

Course Studied: NLP Course

I have great experience, gained unique knowledge and had changed my life. Changing and progressing because I am happy and very much satisfied. Thank you team and of course to Dr. Afsheen.


Course Studied: NLP Course

Excellent. Thoroughly enjoy and understand the teacher. Her practical application makes the class interesting.

Jayasri Pisharody

Course Studied: NLP Course

Excellent for me personally, I have changed a lot. My teacher is very friendly, very approachable and very much positive.

Nisha Menon

Course Studied: NLP Course

It was a great experience taking a training course with you, I loved everything about Nlptech, I will take more courses in the future with you for sure!

Anish Kumar

Course Studied: English

Best thing in NLPTECH trainers is that they will guide you even after the classes very professional environment. I got MCSE andC CCNA certification and then I did my Business English course from NLPTech Institute . Thanks for your help and support.

Md Salman Ali

Course Studied: English

Vibrant training session at NLPTECH and met Mr. Mohammad who guided me, provided some demo classes to remove my fear of bad experience with previous institute. With his support I completed MCSE, CCNA and CEH within 90 days. I personally recommend all new students to follow his instructions and under his supervision you will complete your courses in less time and paying less money.


Course Studied: MCSE, CCNA & CEH

I am a medical doctor and I took Ielts classes with nlptech and I got my dream score. I presented a bouquet of flowers as well to the great service nlptech training center that they provide. I got overall band score 7.5

Adel Makram

Course Studied: Academic IELTS

I had taken IELTS course at NLPTech Training Center and it was highly professional experience. I needed 6.5 IELTS score to get admissions in Dubai university and I got 7.0 as my Overall Band score. I highly recommend all students to this place.


Course Studied: Academic IELTS

I attended NlPTECH INSTITUTE for my IELTS General training with my friend.My requirement for bands was 5 band for Canadian immigration. I already given exam without training and got only R=3.5 W=4 S=4 L=3.5 overall 4 band. My trainer provided me a lot of support and individual attention to improve my basic mistakes.The policy of Nlptech institute to provide english classes before IELTS training is very helpful for those students who left their studies for long time.After 2.5 months of training i given the exam and i got overall 6 bands. My overall experience with Nlptech Institute has been faultless and smooth. I would highly recommend Nlptech Institute to anyone joining IELTS course.

Sawaranjeet Singh

Course Studied: General IELTS

I joined NLPTech Last September 2016 and finished 2 course in a span of two months. They helped me overcome my weaknesses and reach my target. The trainer is very good and the staffs are so welcoming. Highly recommended to those students who want to learn and have bad experience with some other institute.


Course Studied: MCSE, CCNA, CEH. Exchange

NLP Tech is amazing training center ,the trainers is so good, the education environment there is wonderful , i have finished my CCNA certification and because of NLP Tech I am certified from CISCO. Big Thanks to NLP Tech!


Course Studied: CCNA/ CCNP

The best training center in the region, the instructors are highly experienced, I have tried many places, however the quality here is superb, from customer service to the delivery of training. Because of NLP Tech I am now a Microsoft Certified.


Course Studied: MCSA/MCP

Good institute. I am working as a driver in Jabel Ali. I studied in this institute for 4 months they first improve my English by giving English course free then start my ielts classes. Very helpful trainers and admin staff very flexible in their timings. I passed my exam with 6 bands.

Jaswinder Singh

Course Studied: General IELTS

I had my IELTS Course training here in 2015. The trainer was awesome. The overall management of the centre was excellent. They are very flexible in providing schedules.

Irfan Ali

Course Studied: General IELTS