NLP Master Practitioner

Hours of classroom training 15 Hours total

Hours of assignment and home work 10 hours (Coordinated with trainer)
Hours of coaching assignments: 10 hours (Coordinated with trainer)
ABNLP Certified trainer & training center, certification & study material from ABNLP

Course Outline
** Rapport and the Components of Communication
** Sensory Acuity
– Representational Systems
– Language Preference (primary system)
– Eye-Accessing Clues (lead system)
– Calibration -Congruence/In-congruence
** Sub-modalities and Their Key Drivers
** Meta-programmes
** Anchoring
** Conscious/Unconscious
– Role and Function of Your Unconscious

** The Filters of Perception
– Hierarchy of Ideas
– The Meta-Model
– The Milton Model
– Presuppositions & their Structure
– Present State/Desired State
– Mind/Body Interaction
** Logical Levels and Other Hierarchies of Thinking
** Learning Levels
** Perceptual Positions
** Time and Its Perception
** Inner Parts & Personality Facet
** Reliefs and What They Do For Us
** Values and Their Hierarchies
** Operational Strategies
** Modelling: an Introduction with exercises

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