NLP Just For Doctors

Duration 22 Hours

Doctors always treat their patients in the best possible way. Have they ever thought about these issues

  • Asthmatic patients suffer from unknown fear which they even don’t know
  • Fibromyalgia is not only a physical but a mind relaxing disease as well
  • Blood pressure of 90% people can be controlled with mind relaxation techniques
  • Smoking which is 95% cause of all respiratory disorders need NLP to quit this habit
  • Irritable bowel syndrome can be controlled with your stress free mind
  • Thyroid disorders also related to stress
  • Menstrual disorders in women need psychological relaxation
  • Carcinoma patients have fear more than the disease itself
  • Alcohol addiction needs NLP to quit as its the leading cause of liver cirrhosis
  • Doctor -patient relationship or in other words communication how to improve
  • Doctor with the help of NLP can have mastery of their senses which they can utilize in their treatments
  • If doctors apply NLP techniques for themselves, for their patients, for their colleagues, how successful they can be in their life than before.
  • Treating patients only with the medicine may not give them 100% results
  • NLP help doctors in sensory awareness, more better communication skills, strategy making skills for their treatments, priorities for better treatment, help their patients with mind relaxation techniques
  • Meta model questioning techniques to use with “stuck ” patients to help move them forward
  • Solutions to over running surgeries, overwhelming paperwork etc
  • Restoring work life balance so you enjoy more non work time
  • Techniques to have an inner resilience in any stress situation- difficult patients , conflict , complaints
  • Learn how to have a greater sense of control in any situation
  • Enhancing self esteem , feeling more confident and motivated at work and at play
  • Techniques so you feel good, more energized and positive at work and at home
  • Use NLP strategies to motivate the patients to lose weight, or nudge them out of stuck states
  • One of the powerful benefits of NLP is that it gives you a greater sense of control in your life.
  • NLP techniques works very effectively with anxious patients as well as patients with limiting states…

“Tired All the Time”, “Pain everywhere doctor” patients

We say in NLP


Research shows that nearly 40% of GP consultations consist of seeing psychologically related patient problems.

Often the patient may come back to the doctor repeatedly with the same symptom and expect the doctor to fix it. With great rapport and having used the Meta Model to nudge the patient forward into considering possibilities for his/her future they hadn’t even thought of before , the doctor can then teach them quick NLP techniques to take charge of their own state

Depression, anxiety, Trauma and Panic attacks .Some of the conditions we see commonly as doctors and NLP techniques work very well along side medication patients may already be on.

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